Our Roots:

Picture a childhood where you started the day scooping the hog barn remnants before the sun comes up.  All the while your mother is feeding the chickens and gathering their eggs.  She would fry them up in some rendered down bacon fat using her Grandmas passed down cast iron skillet.  Later that morning after some play time in the sandbox, you help pick the weeds from the garden and harvest the vegetables for that nights supper. This is the childhood I'll always cherish and remember where my roots first started.  

Hoven, South Dakota is where the roots dug in for my family.  A population of 450 farmers where definitely everyone knew your name.  Off to the north was a 1,000 acre farm settled in 1896 by my Great Grandfather from the whereabouts of Cologne, Germany.  My Grandpa then took over and his youngest son (my dad) was next to accept the baton in form of a pitchfork.  Heifers, sows, chickens were the pets I had growing up along with our two bulls, Bartles & James. Chasing around our black and white border collie, Scruffy, kept me busy and out of trouble.  Sometimes.

The point I am trying to make here is, as a family we enjoyed raising and caring for our livestock.  We grew our own produce because we had to and not just to be cool, groovy and organic.  It was our farm life, and we want to deliver that experience to you.  Santa Barbara is full of beautifully grown and cared for produce that gets shipped out for others across the country to enjoy.  This is great for them, but it also means that our produce is ripened on the truck- as the majority of our produce comes from our southern neighboring countries.  Not to say that the produce being imported is bad, it's just that we have fresh produce right here in Santa Barbara county.  We want to get this local produce to you.  That is the goal.  Better, fresher, local, and yes organic when we can get it.  


Our Mission:

  • To serve and offer Santa Barbara neighborhoods the fresh produce that our local community produces
  • Encourage and educate new generations the value of hard work and establishing healthy eating habits 
  • Support our neighbors and farmers that grow and sustain their land and produce such bounty